Month: October 2020

New Guidelines for Unaccompanied Minors during COVID-19


Many airlines are no longer shipping pets and are in a continual state of revision regarding services such as unaccompanied minor travel.

While some airlines such as SAS have temporarily suspended the unaccompanied minor travel service altogether due to the unpredictability and disruptive nature of COVID-19, other airlines are taking a less drastic approach and insisting on a more stringent on boarding and off boarding process as well as insisting on direct contact with parents and guardians prior to finalising any booking and eventual flights.

An example of some of the nuanced changes in how unaccompanied information is being shared would be American Airlines who have issued a new warning to parents booking for their children to fly solo : better pack a lunch.

“When booking unaccompanied minor (UMNR) PINRs be sure to advise customers that, due to the current COVID-19 measures in place, food service in the economy cabin of most flights will be very limited. Therefore, we recommend that parents/guardians pack some food in their child’s carryon.

By proactively communicating with customers, this will help ensure they have enough information to prepare their unaccompanied children for upcoming travel.

Additionally, parents will find detailed unaccompanied minor information and more tips on”


Clearly for parents and guardians making the decision to send your child on an unaccompanied flight has never been more difficult. It goes without saying that it is best to only deal directly with the airlines during this pandemic and not to rely on any third party service or information site during this period.

The links for direct contacts to the airlines can be found on our Airline Reviews page. Please do make use of these and also share your comments and updates so others can benefit from them.
Airlines continue to struggle into Q4 2020

Airlines continue to struggle into Q4 2020

IATA has once again downgraded its full-year 2020 global air travel forecast, reflecting a downturn in European travel demand amid a new surge in Covid-19 cases as well as other new restrictions in portions of the world.


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The global airlines trade group now projects full-year 2020 traffic to be down 66% compared with 2019. Its previous forecast was of a 63% plunge.

IATA said that the recovery of air passenger service globally came to a halt in mid-August.

In Europe, international demand was down 79.9% year over year in August. But IATA said travel on the Continent is now trending even worse amid a return to lockdowns and quarantines in some markets.

“Absent additional government relief measures and a reopening of borders,” de Juniac said, “hundreds of thousands of airline jobs will disappear.”

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