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Minimum Age : 5
Mandatory Until Age : 14
Optional Age : 15 - 17
Minimum Solo Age : 15
Other Detail : The booking needs to be done by phone

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Name: Fred

Flight Origin: Sydney

Flight Destination: Los Angeles

Date: Jun 13 2020


I\'ve flown from SYD to LAX unaccompanied more than a few times. Really - it\'s the same as flying except you have a little more attention from flight staff (they make sure you\'re alright, help you with any immigration cards, etc.) and once the flight has wheels down they keep you on the plane to disembark with the Disabled and the Crew. 9 times out of 10 they will escort you through the \'Flight Crew\' line in Customs, speeding it up by about 20-30minutes. They will take you to where your Parent/Guardian is waiting OR they will take you to the gate of a connection. They also do small things for you during the flight - they\'ll hold on to your passport (or for me - passports) and make sure that you\'re always seated next to a female.


Name: KLM user

Flight Origin:

Flight Destination:

Date: Jun 17 2020


Really not that bad. Personally, I went on a few trips as an unaccompanied minor (one of them was with KLM) and it is really not much different from traveling with your family other than the fact that there are people to help you go through the process of checking in and stuff who are not your family and you get to stay in a lounge while waiting for your flight


Name: Alexander

Flight Origin: JFK

Flight Destination: AMS

Date: Jul 1 2020


Here is a quick story for you. I was supposed to fly on KLM Economy. When we got to check in, the nice lady leaned over and whispered to me, \"Do you want to fly like a king?\" I said yes and we got our boarding passes. I looked at the seat. 1A. Thank you KLM for such a memorable experience. My mom still had to pay like $500 by the way.