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Minimum Age : 5
Mandatory Until Age : 11
Optional Age : 12 - 15
Minimum Solo Age : 12
Other Detail : The booking needs to be done by phone

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Name: Mum

Flight Origin: Australia

Flight Destination: UK

Date: Jun 17 2020


My son travelled from Australia to the UK on his own when he was 14years old. I simple let the airline know that he will be travelling alone and could the hostesses keep an eye out for him. He was placed in a seat near the hosts. He had a good flight and he was assisted at the other end, where his father picked him up. Too easy.


Name: Kerry M

Flight Origin: Sydney

Flight Destination: Hong kong

Date: Jun 17 2020


Hi - I am looking at options for flights in July for my daughter. Quantas seem to have flights for unaccompanied minors still despite the Covid disruption. Still not sure about the quarantine restrictions but it reassures me to know that kids can still fly and they have introduced a number of measures at the airport and I flight specifically for kids. This seems to go beyond just face masks and sanitisers. I will wait till we all have more visibility globally!.


Name: Alexander

Flight Origin: LHR (London)

Flight Destination: PER (Perth, AUS)

Date: Jul 1 2020


This airline is in my top five. Qantas always gives me some sort of a lovely surprise. Once, they gave me a free snack box and a model plane. I will 100% fly on them again.