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Minimum Age : 5
Mandatory Until Age : 11
Optional Age : 12 - 17
Minimum Solo Age : 12
Other Detail : The booking needs to be done by phone

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Name: Austin

Flight Origin: London

Flight Destination: New Zealand

Date: Jun 13 2020


I travelled to New Zealand from London in 2012 and I was a UM. I was about 10, and it was awesome. I was escorted by an attendant in transit and before reaching the arrivals lounge. The flight itself was brilliant. As a long haul flight, the in-flight entertainment system had lots of great movies, and the stewards/stewardesses were constantly checking up on me, asking if I needed refreshments or snacks. In addition, towards the end of the two legs of my flight, the attendants moved me and another UM present to the first class seats at the front and top deck of our A380 - this was so we were not lost and were safe during the crush of disembarking on the more crowded economy deck. Now of course this depends on the carrier and the duration of flight. I flew with Singapore Airlines. Every flight that I have been on with them has been excellent - the staff are always very caring. My flight was about 21 hours in total, so it was great to have them there for me. However if you are on a short haul flight, e.g. 4 hours or less, it is likely that the only special treatment that you will get is, say, an extra biscuit or a smile from the staff. There are lots of other factors, such as how busy the flight is, and how nice the staff on your aircraft are. Generally though, in my experience, flying UM is a luxury and something to be remembered.


Name: Jane

Flight Origin: Singapore

Flight Destination: Heathrow

Date: Jun 17 2020


Really great experience for my child travelling alone with SIA, from point of origin to the destination. The staff made sure my child is safe and comfortable all through the journey.