Virgin Atlantic

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Minimum Age : 5
Mandatory Until Age : 11
Optional Age : 12 - 18
Minimum Solo Age : 12
Other Detail : The booking needs to be done by phone

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Name: Paul

Flight Origin: Gold Coast

Flight Destination: Melbourne

Date: Jun 16 2020


The virgin staff were wonderful to my children at the airport on drop off, in flight and at pickup. See the whole process in our vlog, search in YouTube “Flying unaccompanied minor The Fletch and Seb Show”. The vlog outlines each step and shows our positive experience with the remarkably lovely, professional and fun staff. Fun is professional! And fun is important to put children at ease. I certainly appreciate the staff because as a parent I had great anxiety about this first flight!


Name: Happy Flyer

Flight Origin: Transatlantic

Flight Destination: London

Date: Jun 19 2020


I flew for the first time alone when I was 14 years old. And it was transatlantic to London. Here are some tips I have learned since as flying as an unaccompanied minor. ask for help. if you think someone is leading you in the wrong direction, tell them, you may be right. expect little. many airport employees who are in charge of unaccompanied minors won\'t really talk to you. I had two people that first time on their phone for a lot of the time they were leading me through the airport. enjoy the perks! you get TONS of free snacks, lounges, and basically anything else you would want. Also you get to skip many security lines or go through the employee lines. you get better seats. No joke, you will get way better seats on all airplanes and its pretty great. KEEP YOUR PASSPORT, PHONE, MONEY, IMPORTANT GOODS ON YOU AT ALL TIMES. THIS IS VERY IMPORTANT. Be almost weirdly friendly and kind to employees. Good luck and don\'t worry about it!