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Minimum Age : 5
Mandatory Until Age : 14
Optional Age : 15 - 17
Minimum Solo Age : 15
Other Detail : The booking needs to be done by phone

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Name: OK user

Flight Origin:

Flight Destination:

Date: Jun 17 2020


Generally OK with it although there are lots of different feedbacks online about consistency. The Fort Worth, Texas-based carrier charges a high fee for unaccompanied minors, and they can\'t fly on American if they are under age 5. Unaccompanied children ages 5 through 7 are accepted on nonstop or through flights only. A parent or responsible adult must accompany them until they board the aircraft, and the flight has left the gate. The child must be met at the destination by another parent or responsible adult. Kids flying alone ages 8 through 14 can fly on nonstop, through, or connecting flights. Connecting flights must be made through the carrier’s 10 hub and major airports. Finally, kids flying alone can’t be on flights where they must make a connection with another airline, including codeshare and OneWorld partners


Name: Mary Moynihan

Flight Origin: Washington

Flight Destination: New York

Date: Jun 17 2020


Kids loved it. Very short flight so not too much trouble for them to sit still or too much trouble for other passengers!. Kids got special tags with all the information in them and were able to get settled easily with early boarding after being escorted to the gate. While very busy both kids said the flight attendants and staff were friendly and tried hard to keep them cheerful. Thank you!


Name: Alexander

Flight Origin: PDX (Portland, OR)

Flight Destination: DFW (Dallas, TX)

Date: Jun 21 2020


Lots of info available to me, and GREAT on-board experience. Cabin crew are nice. And they treated me with respect.


Name: Csccdc

Flight Origin: Ddc

Flight Destination:

Date: Jun 30 2020