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Minimum Age : 14
Mandatory Until Age : NA
Optional Age : NA
Minimum Solo Age : 14
Other Detail : The booking needs to be done by phone

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Name: Sarahmae

Flight Origin: Virginia

Flight Destination: Heathrow

Date: Jun 13 2020


I flew alone as a kid starting at the age of 4 years old. I also had my son fly unaccompanied several times on international flights. The difference between then and now is amazing. Back then your parents or grandparents could walk you to the gate or meet you there on arrival, we had stewardesses actively giving us special attention, giving us coloring books and special packs of games, we got to visit the pilots too and given a set of wings and made honorary members of the flight crew. Back then planes were smaller and it was pretty rare to see a child on a flight to begin with, much less a cute little 4 year old on her own! The reason why I flew on my own (and those first couple of years my 1 year older sister and I flew together) was because my parents had divorced and mom had moved us to Ohio, my dad lived in California. I was rarely sat next to men, usually I was sat next to older ladies who didn’t mind having a shy little girl sitting next to them, I don’t know if this was done on purpose or at the request of the passengers! When my son was 15 to 17 he flew from Virginia to Spain and back. The regulations now is that prior to the flight you must book them as an unaccompanied minor, give the contact information of the guardians dropping off and picking them up plus a back up person in case of problems. With BA, the flight must be direct, Í would meet him at Heathrow in the UK and fly back to Spain together, then reverse the situation on the way back. BA were great they even had a special play room where you dropped the child off and did all the paperwork and they got to meet the other kids on the flight. Then someone from that office would take them to the gate and get them onto the flight. He was old enough and experienced enough in flying that he never had any problems. Even though it seems costly, it was much better than me flying all the way over to the states and turning straight around to fly back with him which I had been doing prior to him turning 15. Back then I had to book 3 tickets one for him and two for me and usually they were over 800 euros for each ticket. Even though we had to buy 3 tickets plus the unaccompanied minor ticket, it was usually a better price because flights are cheap between the UK and Spain where we live. And we also would be able to book a couple of days sightseeing in London or Madrid on the way back.


Name: Alexander

Flight Origin: LHR (London)

Flight Destination: CDG (Paris)

Date: Jun 22 2020


BA had limited info about UM travel. BUT, when you figure it out, you easily master all the info. The onboard experience is very nice. I would 100% recommend BA.