Where to start…

After going through a fairly acrimonious and difficult divorce after 16 years of marriage I was left in a situation where I was living in HK and my ex wife had moved back to the UK. Beyond the fact that we were barely able to communicate without breakdown I was left with the challenge of trying to maintain (which I did) regular communication with my very young 2 children during extended holidays. This involved various flights up to 3 times a year from Europe to Asia. The thing that amazed me the most was how complicated it was to navigate ANY airline either to check the prices for unaccompanied minors, eventually book them on a plane (only ever by phone after multiple searches to locate the correct numbers and being left on hold for up to 3hrs at a time). I am really interested to improve this for other people who go through this whether divorced, family members, estranged or any other reason. Even if you are doing this for the first time in absence of any other site that covers this I hope this forum can help you. For those who can please let me know of any positive experiences you have had booking “unaccompanied minors” as well as ideas to harmonise and simplify this hugely fractured process!

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