Remember to check on country travel requirements before booking unaccompanied minor travel

1085AF39-68AE-43B6-843A-05783889877DIn addition to their own valid passport or ID card, all children travelling:

  •  alone; or
  • with adults who are not their legal guardian; or
  • with only one parent

may need an extra (official) document signed by their parents, second parent or legal guardian(s) authorising them to travel.

As you can imagine as with everything else related to unaccompanied minor travel the rules vary considerably by jurisdiction. It is not just the airline policy to consider when making your booking for your child but also the flight departure, transfer (if applicable) and destination rules at the country level. The airline should be able to advise on what these are as part of the ticket sales process however it is important ideally to understand as much of this upfront before your booking to avoid unnecessary inconvenience.

At we are working to implement a centralized tool for all of these cross jurisdictional travel rules as part of helping this community to an easier, safer and more enjoyable travel experience. As this site evolves these changes will become more apparent. Your Airline review and general feedback to us on flight and country experiences will help to keep us current (in this rapidly changing COVID environment) and the information up to date.

Please simply remember for now that;

If it requires the child to have an official authorisation from their parent(s) or guardian. Check, before the child travels, the requirements of the country you are travelling both to and from:

Please bear in mind that, even if a country does not require minors to carry an official authorisation to leave or enter its territory, other countries they transit through may ask the child to show one.

When travelling by air it is highly recommended that you check with the airlines before departing as many require official authorisations and have their own specific forms for this purpose.

As each country’s rules may change without notice you are also encouraged to check with the authorities themselves or with the respective embassies and consulates.

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